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100+ Followers! YAY!

I now have 101 followers on my blog, Being Pretty, and 80 likes on my FB page! Thank you all so much! It’s been such a pleasure blogging and sharing with you! God bless you all!

I feel HAPPY:


It’s all a part of Being Pretty! xox

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My Wonderful Christmas Gifts…

So, I was a bit spoiled this Christmas…..


I got a really pretty and funky necklace:


Two hairbrushes: one boar-hair, and one round styler:




I got many beauty/makeup books. I always love to learn more and be inspired by photos.

I’m especially happy to have gotten “Making Faces” as I have wanted it for a long time:



I got some makeup from Annabelle: two loose powder, highly pigmented eyeshadows, and two lip-glosses:


Some adorable polka-dotted shoes:


Another beautiful and wild necklace that I can’t wait to wear:


The “Winter Candy Apple” cream and soap set from Bath&Bodyworks:



A Burt’s Bees cream and cleanser set:


Lots of cash with which I spent a bit of on small items such as:


It was truly a wonderful and merry Christmas after all. I hope you all enjoyed yours as well!

God bless! and HAPPY NEW YEAR!

It’s all a part of Being Pretty…..

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Recent Drug Store Buys…


– L’Oreal’s Volume Collagen Conditioner

– Organix’s Coconut Milk Anti Breakage Serum

– St Ives’s Naturally Smoothing Body Lotion: Oatmeal & Shea Butter

– Rimmel London’s Lipstick in #070, Airy Fairy

– Wet n’ Wild Lipstick in #521A


As I posted earlier, I already bought L’Oreal’s Total Repair 5 shampoo, and it did 100% what it promised to my hair. I love it!

So, I bought this conditioner by L’Oreal hoping for similar effects. Every girl wants more volume right?

Well, I wasn’t overly impressed with this conditioner, but not disappointed either. It added a bit of volume, but not as spectacular as the advertisements.

I would rate this product 6/10.


Don’t you hate it when the light is from behind you, and you see all these millions of broken hairs forming a halo around your head?

I hate that too. VERY much.

This “anti-breakage” serum promises to add strength and flexibility to your hair, thus helping your hair not break as easily.

I love this product. I towel-dry my hair after washing, and then rub a bit of this serum in my palms, and run my fingers through my hair (avoiding my scalp) and then rubbing it into the ends of my hair.

BTW: It smells soooooo good!

My hair feels smooth and silky, and I don’t hear as many *snap snap*s as I brush my hair!

I would rate this product 9/10.


I love nudes. This “Airy Fairy” is almost exactly the same as my natural lip colour.

It feels and looks good. However, it’s a bit boring. Not 100% happy with the look of it as it’s no different from plain ol’ me. But hey! It’s nude right? It lasts a reasonable amount of time.

I would rate this product 6.5/10.


I really like this moisturizer. I’m a fan of St. Ives, and I’ve already tried 3 different selections of their Body Lotion.

This one is my favorite so far, it smells and feels the best so far. It does a good job at moisturizing too, but I think it feels more more than it does.

I would rate this product 7.5/10.


My skin, and mostly my hair is feeling amazing and looking better. I really recommend Organix “Anti-Breakage Serum”!!!

Notice that i have my tree uuuup?! Merry Christmas!

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Easiest Trick for Amazing Skin…

Every girl wants smooth, even, and radiant skin. Some of us are born with it, others are born with skin far from it.

Whatever your skin condition is, you can improve it with a few simple steps each day, starting with drinking water.

Water? Yes, water. 60% of your body’s mass is water. It’s very important to maintain that. You loose water each day – sweat, urine, etc.

So why should we drink lots of water?

Number one, it helps you loose weight. Yes, that’s right! The more you drink the more often you will need to use the restroom, which means the water is flushing out toxins and other garbage from your body. Your urine should not be yellow. It should be clear, like water. If it’s yellow that means you’re dehydrated and should be drinking more.

Drinking plenty of water, as previously stated, flushes out toxins, and therefore aids the removal of acne and uneven skin.  We ALL want that, don’t we? Guys and girls! (So ladies, pass this on to your self-concious guy-friends!) We’re not the only ones who want to look good!

So how much water should we be drinking? 9 to 10 glasses a day! I know, I know, “That’s a lot!” Not really. Before I learned about the importance of drinking water I barely drank at all. I’d have maybe 2 glasses a day. (Yikes) When I read 9 glasses i was like “What? That’s crazy!!” But I was desperate for nice skin, so I forced myself. Whenever water crossed my mind, I made myself head over to the sink. After day 2, it became natural. I was thirsty after half-and-hour of drinking a glass of water. In the next week my skin was smoother and fresher looking! I even got compliments! (So it wasn’t my imagination.)

TIP: Adding a squeeze of lemon to your water in the morning and in the evening will make your skin more luminous.


Water not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good. I think we all want to look and feel healthy.

I encourage you to drink minimum 9 glasses a day. It makes a HUGE difference, as does adding fresh lemon.

Fight this upcoming dry season with water! Stay forever young!

-Lea xx

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Concealer is the key!

Concealer is very important as it brightens your face and makes you look awake (even if you’re not!)

Here’s a chart of where concealer should be applied to your face:

1071121_289274384549474_1024820750_o - Copy

Under the eyes and around the nose make the biggest difference.

Invest in a good concealer.

According to many beauty websites, Maybelline’s stick concealer is the best drug-store concealer. I have it and love it! It covers up very well and stays on.

Makeup Check!

It’s that time.

Summer’s over and (let’s face it) fall is here! What does that mean? It means it’s time for a makeup check!


A makeup clean-up is probably a better way of putting it. After a long, fun, product-consuming summer, I’m sure that there’s a lot of clean-up to do!

Start with going through creams and cleansers. Any bottles/containers used up? I thought so! Throw out all empty and unnecessary containers. If there’s a little bit left in some, put it into a smaller and more practical container.

Next, check expiration dates! Always be careful and safe when your skin’s at stake!

Now it’s time to let go of any ancient but loved products that are no longer even healthy to use. Sorry, but safety first gals!

Mascara: 3 to 6 months

Eyeshadow: 2 years

Lipstick: 2 years

Liquid and Cream foundation: 2 years

Powder blush and foundation:  2 years

cream blush: 2 years

Eye and lip pencils: 2 years

Face cream: 2 years

Hand cream: 2 years

Eye cream: 6 months

Next, gently wash all your brushes and tweezers. This is very important as brushes can carry germs and dirt. In fact you should wash your brushes every 2 months.

To wash: Squirt some facial cleanser on the back of your hand and gently swirl the brush hair in it. Rinse with warm water, and avoid getting the glue with keeps the hair in place wet! Set them out on a towel to dry over-night.

This is also a good time to re-arrange your makeup bag! Just an idea…..


You’re all set! Feeling squeaky clean? I hope so! Be safe and healthy!

By the way….I now have 50 followers! Yay! I’m half-way to my goal. Care to follow? 🙂

Review: eos



Everybody had them. And everybody loved them.

I must say, despite all the praise this product got, I never felt the urge to buy it.  I thought that the round shape of the container would be uncomfortable and impractical.


Well, yesterday I cracked. I bought an eos lip-balm.

Yes I do like it! I don’t love it, but it feels and does good, so it’s a thumbs up for me!

I think everyone was so hyped about these lip balms not because of the good it does to your lips, but because of it’s appearance and feel.

I’m sorry, but you gotta admit- they’re adorable! Why I have no idea, but they just are. It sits nice in your grasp, and rolls onto the lips really easily and smoothly. You can simply just throw it in your purse and pull it out whenever.

They taste/smell good too! 😉

I would rate this product 8/10. They’re a good idea for the up-coming dry fall and winter seasons! Get ready!

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Have an awesome day ladies!

My First Wedding!


I was asked to do the bridal makeup for my first wedding this past summer!

And I had a BLAST!


Thanks to Nicole Mason Photography I’m able to share this experience with you!











Please “like” me on Facebook, and check out Nicole mason’s work at:


Doesn’t she look gorgeous?

Thank You! xx

Facebook Paaaage!

Hey everyone!

I created a Facebook page!  Please like it and share it! :

IMG_8314 - Copy

Thanks so much! ❤

My Favourite Makeup Lifesavers!

   So there are a few makeup products and tools I always need with me when travelling. This summer they all were lifesavers!!

I went on a vacation this year with a bunch of dear friends, and we did everything from trail biking, to swimming, to fancy dinner buffets! All of these products came in handy for day-to-night looks.

Excuse the look of some of my products! They look a bit run-down. They are all well loved and often used! I believe in using ’em till their finished! I hate wasting.


1) Nude lipstick (by L’oreal Paris)

Any nude lipstick is perfect for a day and night look. This one in particular has a bit of shimmer in it- I’d rather without.


2) Blush/face brush (by eCOTOOLS)

This brush is indispensable! I love it. I use it for blush, bronzer, highlighter, and powder.


3) BB Cream (by Garnier)

BB cream is the best thing ever! Especially for summer time. If you have nice skin it’s good all year round! I love Garnier’s BB cream.


4) Concealer/corrector (by Yves Rocher)

This concealer is the perfect travel-size and works so well! It gives a smooth texture with good coverage.


5) Pressed or loose powder (by Maybelline New York)

Powder is very important! My skin often gets sweaty and greasy-looking in the summer heat. A light sweep of powder removes shine. It’s a must to set concealer! This one in particular creates a very smooth and long-lasting surface! 


6) Cream blush (by Joe Fresh)

This cream blush is perfect for summer time! I just sweep it across my cheek and blend it in and I have a healthy colour to my face. It gives a nice, dewy look. A bit of colour does a lot!


7) Neutral eyeshadow (by Urban Decay)

This eyeshadow, in “underground”, is amazing. It creates a healthy and glowing wash of colour over the lid. (It looks much darker than it is on the pallet!)


8) Waterproof mascara (by Maybelline New York)

This mascara is superb. It doesn’t BUDGE without remover!


9) Tinted lip balm (by Nivea)

This lip balm feels, looks, and does good! It gives a beautiful pearly sheen to your lips.


10) Liquid/pen eyeliner (by Maybelline New York)

This eyeliner can be used to create a very thin or a very thick line, and is always precise and perfect! It’s hard to smudge.


11) Eyebrow pencil trio (by Joe Fresh)

The use of this pencil finishes and polishes my look.  Eyebrows make a huge difference! I absolutely love this product.


12) Eau de toilette and/or body mist (by The Body Shop)

Every girl needs to smell good, right? Especially when one gets smelly and dirty in all the summer fun!


13) Facial cleanser/makeup remover (by Garnier)

Makeup remover and facial cleanser are very important. In the summer one gets a lot of dirt and sweat in their pores and it need to be cleaned out/off.

Enjoy the last bit of summer! ❤

(However, these products are invaluable to me all year round!)