Easiest Trick for Amazing Skin…

Every girl wants smooth, even, and radiant skin. Some of us are born with it, others are born with skin far from it.

Whatever your skin condition is, you can improve it with a few simple steps each day, starting with drinking water.

Water? Yes, water. 60% of your body’s mass is water. It’s very important to maintain that. You loose water each day – sweat, urine, etc.

So why should we drink lots of water?

Number one, it helps you loose weight. Yes, that’s right! The more you drink the more often you will need to use the restroom, which means the water is flushing out toxins and other garbage from your body. Your urine should not be yellow. It should be clear, like water. If it’s yellow that means you’re dehydrated and should be drinking more.

Drinking plenty of water, as previously stated, flushes out toxins, and therefore aids the removal of acne and uneven skin.  We ALL want that, don’t we? Guys and girls! (So ladies, pass this on to your self-concious guy-friends!) We’re not the only ones who want to look good!

So how much water should we be drinking? 9 to 10 glasses a day! I know, I know, “That’s a lot!” Not really. Before I learned about the importance of drinking water I barely drank at all. I’d have maybe 2 glasses a day. (Yikes) When I read 9 glasses i was like “What? That’s crazy!!” But I was desperate for nice skin, so I forced myself. Whenever water crossed my mind, I made myself head over to the sink. After day 2, it became natural. I was thirsty after half-and-hour of drinking a glass of water. In the next week my skin was smoother and fresher looking! I even got compliments! (So it wasn’t my imagination.)

TIP: Adding a squeeze of lemon to your water in the morning and in the evening will make your skin more luminous.


Water not only makes you look good, it makes you feel good. I think we all want to look and feel healthy.

I encourage you to drink minimum 9 glasses a day. It makes a HUGE difference, as does adding fresh lemon.

Fight this upcoming dry season with water! Stay forever young!

-Lea xx

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4 thoughts on “Easiest Trick for Amazing Skin…

  1. Renee says:

    A good reminder…I almost never drink water. I guess that’s gonna change now! 😉

  2. Hi lovely, I nominated you for the Leibster Award. See my post here for the deets. http://middayspritzer.com/2013/10/02/leibster-award/

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