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These made my mouth water so much I can’t even tell you.







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It’s all a part of Being Pretty!


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100+ Followers! YAY!

I now have 101 followers on my blog, Being Pretty, and 80 likes on my FB page! Thank you all so much! It’s been such a pleasure blogging and sharing with you! God bless you all!

I feel HAPPY:


It’s all a part of Being Pretty! xox

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Wings Like An Eagle

So, I’m a BIG fan of  winged eyeliner. It’s a thick, long, winged line that creates a surprisingly simple look.

Normally I do not like brown anything for the eyes. I always prefer black eyeliner, black mascara, etc. But, I was taken by surprise this time… I LIKE it! A lot! It’s very natural.

(I’ll admit I don’t think I’ll ever go for brown mascara though…)

I got Annabelle’s Smudge Paint Eyeliner in “Sludge”. It’s a gel eyeliner that comes in a little pot with a liner brush. It goes on smoothly, and depending on how much you load the brush with, you can get any depth of color you want, from transparent to solid. The brush makes it easy to bring to a flick.




Yes I know this last photo isn’t the most flattering of me, but it gives a good idea of the simplicity of this look. Whatever….

Thank you for reading! (: xx

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Feeling Spicy

Orange nailpolish! It’s bright, it’s warm, and it’s cheerful… just like autumn leaves!



I used L’Oreal Paris nailpolish in #410, “l’orange”.

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Green, Sparkly, and Girly


Nail art is a big hit this fall. Crazy patterns, designs, and colours are the thing!

I used Nicole nail polish in “Brilliant Idea”.


Have fun and be girly! xx

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Makeup Check!

It’s that time.

Summer’s over and (let’s face it) fall is here! What does that mean? It means it’s time for a makeup check!


A makeup clean-up is probably a better way of putting it. After a long, fun, product-consuming summer, I’m sure that there’s a lot of clean-up to do!

Start with going through creams and cleansers. Any bottles/containers used up? I thought so! Throw out all empty and unnecessary containers. If there’s a little bit left in some, put it into a smaller and more practical container.

Next, check expiration dates! Always be careful and safe when your skin’s at stake!

Now it’s time to let go of any ancient but loved products that are no longer even healthy to use. Sorry, but safety first gals!

Mascara: 3 to 6 months

Eyeshadow: 2 years

Lipstick: 2 years

Liquid and Cream foundation: 2 years

Powder blush and foundation:  2 years

cream blush: 2 years

Eye and lip pencils: 2 years

Face cream: 2 years

Hand cream: 2 years

Eye cream: 6 months

Next, gently wash all your brushes and tweezers. This is very important as brushes can carry germs and dirt. In fact you should wash your brushes every 2 months.

To wash: Squirt some facial cleanser on the back of your hand and gently swirl the brush hair in it. Rinse with warm water, and avoid getting the glue with keeps the hair in place wet! Set them out on a towel to dry over-night.

This is also a good time to re-arrange your makeup bag! Just an idea…..


You’re all set! Feeling squeaky clean? I hope so! Be safe and healthy!

By the way….I now have 50 followers! Yay! I’m half-way to my goal. Care to follow? 🙂