Wings Like An Eagle

So, I’m a BIG fan of  winged eyeliner. It’s a thick, long, winged line that creates a surprisingly simple look.

Normally I do not like brown anything for the eyes. I always prefer black eyeliner, black mascara, etc. But, I was taken by surprise this time… I LIKE it! A lot! It’s very natural.

(I’ll admit I don’t think I’ll ever go for brown mascara though…)

I got Annabelle’s Smudge Paint Eyeliner in “Sludge”. It’s a gel eyeliner that comes in a little pot with a liner brush. It goes on smoothly, and depending on how much you load the brush with, you can get any depth of color you want, from transparent to solid. The brush makes it easy to bring to a flick.




Yes I know this last photo isn’t the most flattering of me, but it gives a good idea of the simplicity of this look. Whatever….

Thank you for reading! (: xx

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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