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Flower Fantasy

Hey everyone! I’m back! I’m so sorry that it’s been so long! The last few months have been crazy busy, and I haven’t found time to post!

Thursday’s Summer Photoshoot is UP!

Makeup Artist: Me

Hair: Me

Photographer: Me

Model: Dorothy B. IMG_4409IMG_4440IMG_4413IMG_4411 - CopyIMG_4414Look: Smokey eyes, light contour(bronzer), strong brows, light pink lipstick, no blush.

A special thanks goes to my wonderful friend Dorothy! xx

Enjoying your summer? I hope so! 🙂


It’s all a part of Being Pretty!



Summer Body: How To Prevent/Get Rid Of Cellulite



It’s time to start working on our summer bodies! Shape, tan, and skin…..

Cellulite is a problem that leaves countless women self-concious and afraid to wear swim suits, and even shorts.

Don’t worry, we all have a little bit of cellulite, it comes with being a woman. However, there all way to prevent and even get rid of it!

Follow this link for all the info:


^Yeah I wish that was a photo of me. Naw, it’s some lucky person I found on Pinterest….

Have a great week!


It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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These made my mouth water so much I can’t even tell you.







Photos: Pinterest 

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!


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Photos: Pinterest

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Spring Fashion: Florals!

Very pretty and feminine. Spring and flowers always go together!






Photos: Pinterest 

Have a good afternoon!

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Let The Green Begin!


I’m not gonna lie, I’m terribly missing green trees and plants!

Here’s a little makeup look to remind me it’s comin’ soon!






It’s all a part of Being Pretty!


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My Blush Picks (+Swatches)

Here are my blush picks! As you can tell, I prefer rosy pinks, and my trusty peach color by MAC…


1) MAC Matte Powder Blush in “Melba”

2) Avon Powder Blush in pink

3) Joe Fresh Cream Stick Blush in “Pink Rose”

4) Bourjois Paris Baked Powder Blush in “Rose D’Or” (Golden Rose)*

5) Maybelline Dream Mousse Blush in 10 “Pink Frosting”

IMG_3281 - Copy

In sunlight:


In daylight/shadow:

IMG_3288 - Copy

The cream and mousse blushes seem to be more flattering in the summer when I’m not wearing a lot of makeup. They blend in well with the dewy skin.

The powders all are great for winter, and I usually have a powdery base. The MAC “Melba” color, however, looks better with a tan in the summer.

It still works in the winter with certain outfits/makeup looks though. Pink usually works better for me in the winter.

The shimmer in the Bourjois and the Maybelline blushes look very dazzling and flattering in sunlight. But if overly applied, it would look “overdone” and too sparkly rather than lightly shimmery.

Blush makes all the difference. Pink, and some peachy colors, are for me! What’s your blush color?

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Keep Love In Your Heart…

“Keep love in your heart. A life without it is like a sunless garden when the flowers are dead.”

-Oscar Wilde

Take time to look around you. There is beauty everywhere you turn. There are also people everywhere turn.

Perhaps some of those people are hurting. Some sad, some lonely, some deeply depressed. A simple kind word, act, or even a smile can heal a soul.

Let them know that there is love in the world. That they are loved.


“…You shall love your neighbour as yourself. There is no other commandment greater than these.”

-Mark 12:31b NKJV

❤ Have a wonderful day!

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Last Pop of Colour (Selena Gomez-inspired)

This is a pretty and colourful look inspired by Selena Gomez…


Medium/thick cat eye-liner, with bright pink lips and cheeks. Simple, easy, and cheerful!


What I used:

Maybelline Master Precise pen eyeliner in black by Eyestudio

Joe Fresh cream blush in “Pink”

Rimmel London lipstick in 022 “Nostalgia”

Maybelline lipstick in 810 “Disco Pink”

IMG_0356 - Copy

This is a great look for parties! It’s fresh, fun, and youthful.

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Makeup Check!

It’s that time.

Summer’s over and (let’s face it) fall is here! What does that mean? It means it’s time for a makeup check!


A makeup clean-up is probably a better way of putting it. After a long, fun, product-consuming summer, I’m sure that there’s a lot of clean-up to do!

Start with going through creams and cleansers. Any bottles/containers used up? I thought so! Throw out all empty and unnecessary containers. If there’s a little bit left in some, put it into a smaller and more practical container.

Next, check expiration dates! Always be careful and safe when your skin’s at stake!

Now it’s time to let go of any ancient but loved products that are no longer even healthy to use. Sorry, but safety first gals!

Mascara: 3 to 6 months

Eyeshadow: 2 years

Lipstick: 2 years

Liquid and Cream foundation: 2 years

Powder blush and foundation:  2 years

cream blush: 2 years

Eye and lip pencils: 2 years

Face cream: 2 years

Hand cream: 2 years

Eye cream: 6 months

Next, gently wash all your brushes and tweezers. This is very important as brushes can carry germs and dirt. In fact you should wash your brushes every 2 months.

To wash: Squirt some facial cleanser on the back of your hand and gently swirl the brush hair in it. Rinse with warm water, and avoid getting the glue with keeps the hair in place wet! Set them out on a towel to dry over-night.

This is also a good time to re-arrange your makeup bag! Just an idea…..


You’re all set! Feeling squeaky clean? I hope so! Be safe and healthy!

By the way….I now have 50 followers! Yay! I’m half-way to my goal. Care to follow? 🙂