My Favourite Makeup Lifesavers!

   So there are a few makeup products and tools I always need with me when travelling. This summer they all were lifesavers!!

I went on a vacation this year with a bunch of dear friends, and we did everything from trail biking, to swimming, to fancy dinner buffets! All of these products came in handy for day-to-night looks.

Excuse the look of some of my products! They look a bit run-down. They are all well loved and often used! I believe in using ’em till their finished! I hate wasting.


1) Nude lipstick (by L’oreal Paris)

Any nude lipstick is perfect for a day and night look. This one in particular has a bit of shimmer in it- I’d rather without.


2) Blush/face brush (by eCOTOOLS)

This brush is indispensable! I love it. I use it for blush, bronzer, highlighter, and powder.


3) BB Cream (by Garnier)

BB cream is the best thing ever! Especially for summer time. If you have nice skin it’s good all year round! I love Garnier’s BB cream.


4) Concealer/corrector (by Yves Rocher)

This concealer is the perfect travel-size and works so well! It gives a smooth texture with good coverage.


5) Pressed or loose powder (by Maybelline New York)

Powder is very important! My skin often gets sweaty and greasy-looking in the summer heat. A light sweep of powder removes shine. It’s a must to set concealer! This one in particular creates a very smooth and long-lasting surface! 


6) Cream blush (by Joe Fresh)

This cream blush is perfect for summer time! I just sweep it across my cheek and blend it in and I have a healthy colour to my face. It gives a nice, dewy look. A bit of colour does a lot!


7) Neutral eyeshadow (by Urban Decay)

This eyeshadow, in “underground”, is amazing. It creates a healthy and glowing wash of colour over the lid. (It looks much darker than it is on the pallet!)


8) Waterproof mascara (by Maybelline New York)

This mascara is superb. It doesn’t BUDGE without remover!


9) Tinted lip balm (by Nivea)

This lip balm feels, looks, and does good! It gives a beautiful pearly sheen to your lips.


10) Liquid/pen eyeliner (by Maybelline New York)

This eyeliner can be used to create a very thin or a very thick line, and is always precise and perfect! It’s hard to smudge.


11) Eyebrow pencil trio (by Joe Fresh)

The use of this pencil finishes and polishes my look.  Eyebrows make a huge difference! I absolutely love this product.


12) Eau de toilette and/or body mist (by The Body Shop)

Every girl needs to smell good, right? Especially when one gets smelly and dirty in all the summer fun!


13) Facial cleanser/makeup remover (by Garnier)

Makeup remover and facial cleanser are very important. In the summer one gets a lot of dirt and sweat in their pores and it need to be cleaned out/off.

Enjoy the last bit of summer! ❤

(However, these products are invaluable to me all year round!)


2 thoughts on “My Favourite Makeup Lifesavers!

  1. catiekiwi says:

    Did you take these pictures yourself?

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