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Flower Fantasy

Hey everyone! I’m back! I’m so sorry that it’s been so long! The last few months have been crazy busy, and I haven’t found time to post!

Thursday’s Summer Photoshoot is UP!

Makeup Artist: Me

Hair: Me

Photographer: Me

Model: Dorothy B. IMG_4409IMG_4440IMG_4413IMG_4411 - CopyIMG_4414Look: Smokey eyes, light contour(bronzer), strong brows, light pink lipstick, no blush.

A special thanks goes to my wonderful friend Dorothy! xx

Enjoying your summer? I hope so! 🙂


It’s all a part of Being Pretty!



Let The Green Begin!


I’m not gonna lie, I’m terribly missing green trees and plants!

Here’s a little makeup look to remind me it’s comin’ soon!






It’s all a part of Being Pretty!


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Sunset On Snow

It can be so fun to play with vibrant colors, such as orange! It can really spice things up!




It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Valentine’s Day Look: Romantic Pink

Here’s a sweet look you can try for Valentine’s Day this year! It’s simple and pink.



How To:

– Black flicked liquid liner

– Peachy pink lipstain + gloss

– Peachy pink blush (Don’t be afraid to apply more than usual. Although hidden in this awful lighting, the blush makes this look)

– Neutral brown eyeshadow over lid with minimal shimmer.

-Black mascara

– Filled-in brows

Have fun!

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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A Pop of Red

Here’s a simple look with a pop of red to brighten an otherwise natural look.



– Liquid liner, mascara, shimmery beige eyeshadow.

– Strong brows.

– Berry-red stain for lips.


There you go!

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Wings Like An Eagle

So, I’m a BIG fan of  winged eyeliner. It’s a thick, long, winged line that creates a surprisingly simple look.

Normally I do not like brown anything for the eyes. I always prefer black eyeliner, black mascara, etc. But, I was taken by surprise this time… I LIKE it! A lot! It’s very natural.

(I’ll admit I don’t think I’ll ever go for brown mascara though…)

I got Annabelle’s Smudge Paint Eyeliner in “Sludge”. It’s a gel eyeliner that comes in a little pot with a liner brush. It goes on smoothly, and depending on how much you load the brush with, you can get any depth of color you want, from transparent to solid. The brush makes it easy to bring to a flick.




Yes I know this last photo isn’t the most flattering of me, but it gives a good idea of the simplicity of this look. Whatever….

Thank you for reading! (: xx

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Naturally Smokey

So I have to say I’m confused a bit, because the look I made was with silver and dark grey. In the camera, with and without flash, it appears shimmery brown! It’s a bit frustrating. I can’t show you guys my real intention.

But it’s still a look, so I thought I’d post it anyways. Next time I’ll find better (out-door) lighting to bring out the true colors. Sorry about that!




How to:

1) Prime lid

2) Apply neutral shade over entire lid

3) Apply a dark grey in the outer corner, along the crease, and along your upper and lower lash lines.

4) Apply a shimmery silver to the ball of your lid and the inner corner

5) Line your upper lash line with black pencil liner

6) Apply mascara to top and bottom lashes

7) Set liner with black powder


It’s all a part of Being Pretty! (:

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Pumpkin Spice

This is a warm and glowing look that will suit any fall occasion.





How to:

1) Prime lid

2) Apply medium golden-brown over lid just above the crease

3) Brush a warm, reddish-brown into the outer corner and along the crease

4) Apply gold shadow to the center of the lid

5) Line the upper lashline with liquid pen eyeliner, pulling it to a (very) subtle flick

6) Brush the reddish brown eyeliner along the bottom lashline for definition

7) Apply two coats of mascara to upper lashes, and a thin layer to the bottom lashes

8) Set the eyeliner with black shadow


It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Violet Eyes





How to:

1) Apply one (thin) coat of mascara

2) Sweep a purple-based mid-tone over the lid and just a bit above the crease.

3) Apply a darker purple-based shade at the inner and outer corners of your lid.

4) Accentuate the outer corner and crease even more with a deeper purple and blend well

5) Dab a shimmery light purple shade onto the ball of your eyelid for “volume”

6) Line the upper lashline with black pen eyeliner, pulling it to a slight flick

7) Line bottom lashes with dark purple shadow and blend

8) Apply a thick coat of mascara and comb/separate after dry

9) Set eyeliner with black shadow


( By the way, I’m sorry the lighting is depressing in these photos! I’ll find better light next time. It makes my skin look pale and brings out my silly freckles. :P)

This look would be great for a date, night out with friends, or a party.

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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Dusty Rose





How to:

1) Prime eyelid

2) Apply medium rose pink colour over lid up to the crease

3) Sweep darker burgundy or brown-based pink into the outer corner of your lid, pulling it along the crease

4) Blend with blending brush if you don’t like a very sharp, cut crease which is more dramatic (I blended mine quite a bit)

5) Apply a cream/white/very light pink to the inner corner of the lid, blending it out to the centre of the lid

6) Line the upper lashline with a black liquid liner pen (you can use pencil if you prefer a smokey effect)

7) Apply two coats of thickening mascara.

8) Set eyeliner with black eyeshadow.

This is a natural look with a bit of spice to it. Perfect for fall occasions!

It’s all a part of Being Pretty!

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