L’Oreal “Total Repair 5” Shampoo Review

So my hair isn’t really damaged, but I like to buy Damage Repair shampoos because they enhance my hair. If they claim to condition dry hair, imagine how nice it’ll work on normal hair! That’s my theory anyways…

So I tried THIS one! L’Oreal “Total Repair 5” Shampoo. I really really like it! You know that amazing moment when you try a product, specifically a hair product, and truly feel an immediate difference after? That’s what happened!

This shampoo claims to enhance:

1) Strength

2) Density

3) Vitality

4) Shine

5) Silky touch

This was my personal opinion of result of using it:

1) Strength: 4.5/5 -My hair breaks a lot less easily when brushed.

2) Density: 5/5 -I can FEEL the weight. (Therefore not very voluminizing)

3) Vitality: 4/5 -My hair really does feel stronger!

4) Shine: 4/5 – It looks shinier and silkier.

5) Silky touch: 4.5/5 -I keep finding myself running my fingers through my hair! It feels so smooth and knot-free.

There is a very subtle fragrance. I don’t like it when the scent of my shampoo interferes with my perfume. This is light enough to provide a healthy, clean scent, and not be overwhelming. Perfect for me!

So, this sounds cheesy, and “too-good-to-be-true” but I’m being honest. I actually read the ‘promises’on the bottle and answered them honestly one by one in this post.

I don’t spend too much money on hair products, so I’ve never tried any really fancy and/or expensive brands. But for a drugstore brand, this shampoo did the trick! Excellent results…try it and see




Have a lovely part two of the week!

It’ all a part of Being Pretty!

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5 thoughts on “L’Oreal “Total Repair 5” Shampoo Review

  1. Rashi K says:

    My hair feels cleaner for longer and not oily at all – most ‘rich’ and ‘creamy’ shampoos and conditioners makes my hair feel very greasy and then I have to wash my hair more often.

    The Indian version of product looks quite a bit different, here’s the product:

    Is this any different from this..?

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