Should I Wax Or Shave?

So up till about half a year ago I always waxed my legs. My mom told me it’s 100 times better and healthier.

But all my friends shaved! It seemed SO much easier, cheaper, and painless.

So I was very torn, as you may guess. My reasons for waxing was because of these “facts” of shaving:

1. Hair grows back faster each time.

2. Hair grows back darker and thicker.

3. It feels very prickly the next day. -eeeek.

Although only 3, they are pretty scary points, no? I already have dark hair, I did NOT want darker OR thicker hair! And growing back faster? That’s a bit scary too. It takes about 3 weeks for waxed hair to become re-visible. And the idea of prickly legs made me shiver- imagine how embarrassing it would be to have someone accidentally (or purposefully) touches your spiky leg? I would die.

So on hearing those um, “facts” about shaving I decided to stick to waxing. But I soon came to realize. Wax and strips were quite expensive. It seemed to get more painful all the time, and the next day, in certain lighting, I would realize that a missed lots of hair! It took ages for me to find a wax that really worked, and of course was more $$$. And it took SO long! I came to tears one evening of waxing in frustration.

That’s when I got on the internet and decided to research it. (DUUH) I found about 11 sites I think, and all of them but one scientifically proved shaving “facts” 1 and 2 to be myths and untrue.:

1. It doesn’t grow back faster. One thinks it does because it all grows back at the same time when shaved, unlike when waxed- some hairs grow back faster than others from the root.

2. It doesn’t grow back thicker or darker. It’s a visual allusion. I can’t describe it in words, so I’ll post a picture below….


So if you can see by the picture it only appears thicker because the hair is “sliced” not pointed when shaved. If you wax again it’ll go back to normal. You can always go back. Some say that once you start shaving that’s it. You have to stick with it. Lucky for you that’s not true!

3.  Unfortunately this is the downfall of shaving. It does feel icky. But here’s my solution: no one should be touching my legs for now anyway. Maybe I’ll get married one day and then I’ll start waxing. (If you shave everyday, it won’t ever feel that way. It only feels prickly after the 2nd day.)

So if waxing is too expensive, painful, and time-consuming for you, feel free to shave! It won’t change your hair. You can always go back to waxing. Same for under arm hair and bikini line. I’ve made up my mind.

Be beautiful! 🙂


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