The Best Friend Test….

To my bestEST friend, Mckenna.

This one’s for you. ❤

You know a best friend by their words and actions

20130518-DSC_0287 - Copy

For example….

You know your best friend’s real if:


…she trusts you to do her makeup for her…

….and simply laughs when you completely mess it up…


When you both make goofy faces on a regular basis for ‘supposed-to-be-elegant’ photos…


When you realize she’s always been there for your birthday.

When she is very similar to you….

yet completely different…


 when she doesn’t think it’s weird that you kiss her on the cheek….


When you actually remember the day you met at 5 years old.



When you can share every little thing with her, and when the words “shy” or “embarrassed” have nothing to do with your relationship.

When you can act exactly like yourself around her, and her around you.

When you stand up for each other ALL the time.

When you trust each other 100%.


“A friend loves at all times.” -Proverbs 17:17a (NKJV)
When you know that the sun will never set on your beautiful relationship.
❤ Thanks.

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