The Red Lips…


As I have previously said/posted, strong lips really are the thing this year. Bright colours, particularly red lipstick, scare a lot of women. It seems unwearable to them.

“It’s too dark!” “It makes me look harsh!” “It’s just too much!” “It’s not me!”

Is that you?



I admit, red lipstick may not suit everyone….


But please give it a try! It’s a classy, timeless lip colour that can spice up any look.


There are many different shades of red.

I believe there is a certain shade of red for every woman- she just has to find it and be brave enough to wear it.


If you have a cool and/or pink-based skin tone, try pink-based reds.

If you have a warm and/or yellow-based skin tone, go for more orange-based reds.


My friend Caitlin here thought “Red lipstick looks like ‘too much’ on me!”

Well I got out my camera and lipstick and decided to prove her wrong.

Did I?

It’s your turn. Prove me wrong.



2 thoughts on “The Red Lips…

  1. catiekiwi says:

    Who is that weird looking girl? Lol

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