Crooked Petals…

Altogether Beautiful

As I was taking pictures of our garden flowers in the glorious sunlight, I came upon this little one. It’s beautiful, isn’t it? What’s that? Oh yes, there is one little petal out of place, and another petal is a little worn.
This photo means something to me. Why, as human beings, are we so quick to judge? I’m sure that the first thing you noticed when you saw this photo was that one little messed up petal. In fact, when I first aimed at it with my lens, I thought “Ooh, that one darn petal…” and I physically tried to move it back in place- to no avail. Then I thought, “Huh, doesn’t budge. I guess it was meant to be that way.” I took the picture anyhow.
Now I realize. Some things you can’t change. Those are the things you have to accept. That goes for others, and yourself.

You may have a few crooked petals, but altogether you’re a beautiful flower.

Just re-adjust the focus on your lens and you’ll see. 🙂


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